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Glued laminated timber and GLT bearing systems

Glued laminated timber is a formable building material with high load-bearing capacity in relation to dead weight.

It consists of boards glued together with their fibres parallel. With the use of tapered finger joints and gluing,
it is possible to increase the natural growth both in length and width.

At WIEHAG you can draw from a full range of products.

GLT as custom-sized and dimensional timber

We offer GLT as custom-sized and dimensional timber, on request also ready-bound and with the corresponding fasteners. 

On request, we also supply our BSH with PEFC™ or FSC® certification.

You can find our standard dimensions and standard qualities here in the product data sheet.

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Bearing systems and beam shapes

There are no limits to the design of the bearing system: We offer straight and curved beams in almost all shapes and sizes up to an individual component length of 50 metres.

Larger spans can be bridged with composite support structures (e.g. trusses or arches). You can find more detailed information about our structural components in our “Beam shapes” product data sheet.

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Beam shapes at a glance
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Parallel beams or single-pitched beams
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Double tapered beams with straight or bent lower boom
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Fish-bellied girders
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Double-tapered fish-bellied girders
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Free-form girders
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Trussed support structure
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Arched beams or arched rafters
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Free span
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Trussed girder
Wood coating

From simple assembly protection to permanent coating

We offer the following variants for the wood coating of GLT bearing systems:

  • Assembly protection (W)
  • Weather protection (W)
  • UV protection (W)
  • Chemical wood protection:
    • Blue stain (B)
    • Fungi (P)
    • Insect prevention (Iv)
    • Termite prevention (T)
  • Paint coating

Find out more in our product data sheet on the subject of wood coating.

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Do you have a question about our GLT bearing systems? Or would you like to know more about our services for timber engineering partners?
Frame system

The WIEHAG frame corner

The WIEHAG frame corner is our patented support structure solution with simple site connection for quick assembly. The system sets new standards in terms of cost effectiveness. It also meets aesthetic requirements.

  • Three-hinge and two-hinge frame versions
  • Large spans possible
  • No transport restrictions
  • Pre-assembly of all fasteners in the factory
  • Fine adjustment of frame geometry possible on site

You'll find further information about the frame corner in the product data sheet.

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For large beam widths

XXXL block-bonded composite components

Block-bonded cross-sections or composite components are used for high static loads and in the case of increased fire protection requirements. For beam widths greater than 260 mm, several glued laminated timber cross-sections can be glued together to form composite components.

One application is block-bonded supports as load-bearing structural components for high-rise timber construction, or block-bonded cross supports (fixed on both sides) for hall construction to reinforce buildings.

We offer you the following services at WIEHAG:

  • Tailor-made solutions for every project
  • Technical advice and support
  • Factory-assembled steel connectors
  • Worldwide deliveries including logistics planning and just-in-time delivery
  • Wide range of specifications available for different types of wood, coatings, etc.

You'll find further information in the product data sheet.

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The WIEHAG complete hall

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Cargo iLogistics Center – WIEHAG complete hall
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The WIEHAG complete solution consists of the bearing system and the building shell. One prime example: The logistics hall for Cargo-Partner in Fischamend . Everything comes from WIEHAG: the GLT bearing system, the fixed supports, beams, purlins, connection systems and bracings. The building shell was constructed with WIEHAG roof and wall panels, and even the larch wood façade was produced at WIEHAG.


Exciting WIEHAG GLT projects

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  • Multi-storey timber construction
IBRB University of Warwick
  • Culture, Sports and leisure centres
Wels Exhibition Centre
  • Multi-storey timber construction
25 King
  • Culture, Sports and leisure centres
St. George's College Activity Centre
  • Culture, Sports and leisure centres
Freemen's School pool
  • Culture, Sports and leisure centres
Center Parcs Ballymahon
  • Culture, Sports and leisure centres
Tree tower on the Grünberg
  • Logistics, retail, industry
iLogistics Center
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