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Pioneers in timber engineering.

WIEHAG is an Austrian timber engineering company based in Altheim. Our experience makes us partners for future-oriented and creative building ideas in timber worldwide.

For this purpose, we combine our leading engineering expertise with our high-performance production and thereby bring the renewable raw material timber to bear for climate-friendly construction. We prove that it is possible to act ecologically and socially, while still being successful.

Fast facts & figures

WIEHAG at a glance

  • Since 1849, a family-owned company, now in the 5th generation
  • Core competence in timber engineering – from design through to finished assembly
  • International markets Sales offices: Altheim (AT), London (GB), Bilbao (ES), Eningen (DE)
  • Production site for GLT constructions with 22 hectares of factory space and a production capacity of 80,000 m³.
  • 390 employees, 25 of them timber construction engineers
  • Generation of our heat and electricity requirements from our own biomass
[Translate to Englisch:] Das WIEHAG Werk
  • Erich Wiesner, CEO and proprietor of WIEHAG
    Looking to the future
    "We want to be part of the shift towards material-efficient, energy-efficient construction with our timber engineering expertise."
    — Erich Wiesner, CEO and proprietor of WIEHAG
1849 until now

Milestones in timber engineering Our history

With our history of around 170 years, we have significantly influenced the development of timber engineering. Today we are still pioneers in the timber construction industry, setting the tone in terms of engineering expertise, pioneering buildings and sustainability.

Founded in 1849

Timber engineering experience for generations

Since 1849, the Wiesner family has been continuously involved in timber construction, now in the 5th generation.

Master carpenter, Josef Wiesner, was the founder. He registered as a member of the carpenters’ guild in May 1849.

[Translate to Englisch:] Gründer Josef Wiesner

Triangle brace construction

It starts with the license for the production of DSB trusses, which is acquired in 1953.
Already in 1957 the hundredth roof truss of WIEHAG can be celebrated.

WIEHAG truss system formwork girders
The 1960s

Early pioneering buildings that point to the future

Austria Pavilion at the New York World's Fair – a pioneering achievement in prefabrication (1964)

Austrian star architect Gustav Peichl wins the competition to construct this exhibition building with his design. "The fact that timber has been a main material of domestic architecture for centuries and is today a valuable export commodity for Austria" proved to be an advantage even then. In addition to that came the fact that timber as a building material is ideal for prefabrication, thanks to WIEHAG engineering. The individual parts of the pavilion, planned according to the modular principle, were prefabricated at WIEHAG in Altheim and assembled on site in New York.

[Translate to Englisch:] Austria Pavillon auf der New Yorker Weltausstellung

The Klagenfurt Exhibition Hall – the largest glued laminated timber hall in Europe

At the time, construction of the arched-girder hall with a span of almost 100 m represented an incredible technical and organisational achievement. Never before had such a large timber structure been designed for such a high snow load, namely 200 kg/m².

The individual glued laminated timber beams were manufactured at the factory in a length of 55.5 m, dismantled into three parts for transport by rail, and then reunited on the building site using a patented assembly joint.

The hall is not only unreservedly admired by the general public; it is also described by timber construction experts, both national and international, as a pioneering achievement in glued laminated timber construction. 

[Translate to Englisch:] Die Klagenfurter Messehalle

New standards in the industrial production of GLT project components

WIEHAG bets on the future of timber construction and in 1999 opens the most modern and largest production plant for project components with a multitude of innovations. For the first time a control technology is programmed and used, where production orders can be accepted online in combination with work preparation and construction. The world's first CNC press for glued laminated timber components up to 50 metres is successfully developed and built in close cooperation with the machine manufacturer. Similarly, a CNC machining centre for the extra-long beams.

[Translate to Englisch:] WIEHAG Werk

In competition with steel and concrete

WIEHAG goes international

The new high-performance plant strengthens WIEHAG in facing the competition with other materials and wins prestigious large-scale construction orders. WIEHAG thereby provides proof that timber construction can convince both technically and economically.


International architecture

WIEHAG next level engineering

Internationally recognised star architects and Pritzker Prize winners are attracted to WIEHAG's engineering know-how for the implementation of their projects. They include Norman Foster, Rogers, Stirk, Harbour & Partner, Coop Himmelblau, Kengo Kuma and Toyo Ito. In close cooperation, award-winning architectural buildings are developed, which demonstrate the ingenious design potential of the material.


XXXL timber components for high-rise construction

Reaching for the skies with WIEHAG

Timber construction conquers new heights. The first high-rise buildings are being built in timber worldwide, and WIEHAG is once again involved as a pioneering company. The production know-how and the logistics for over-sized, block-bonded structural components is in demand.

With the completed references of K 5 Brisbane, NTU Singapore, the largest timber building in Asia, and the Ascent Tower in Milwaukee, the tallest timber tower in the USA, WIEHAG demonstrates its leading position in this growing market segment.


We are building the green factory

We have set ourselves the goal of becoming a model company in terms of sustainability. Since the beginning of 2021, we have been planning and building our Green Factory.

For us, this means:              

  • Our new production hall and our new office building with an area of around 7,500 m² will be constructed entirely in timber, with timber columns, timber beams, timber crane track, as well as timber wall and roof panels.
  • The entire operational heat requirement will be met by our biomass power plant, which is fed from our production waste (such as timber shavings).
  • Our electrical energy also comes from green power. A newly installed photovoltaic system on the roof of the new production hall, with an output of 1 MWp, together with a new timber gasification combined heat and power plant are able to provide a high proportion of the electricity required.

As a large industrial company, we are therefore almost self-sufficient in our green energy supply.

[Translate to Englisch:] WIEHAG's Grüne Fabrik
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Green factory
WIEHAG is investing in the Altheim site and realigning its operations as a green factory. Find out more about our new factory.
Biomass power plant
WIEHAG wants to be self-sufficient in green energy. How does our new biomass power plant work, and how did construction go?
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