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WIEHAG Assembly


From the initial assembly concept through to project acceptance

Assembly is the final step of our WIEHAG service package. But even at the planning stage, our engineers focus on safe and swift installation.

Long before the first components arrive on site, we develop our assembly concept together with the project participants locally. This includes the required human resources, cranes, tools and safety equipment, as well as the building site logistics. An assembly team usually consists of five people, three lifting platforms, a site forklift and a mobile crane.

We work with our own WIEHAG fitters and also with installation partners who have proven their quality in many years of cooperation.

The advantages of timber construction become apparent not least during assembly:

  • Short assembly times thanks to a high degree of prefabrication
  • Relatively noiseless assembly
  • Subsequent trades can start without delay (no hardening as with concrete)
  • Just-in-time deliveries also enable assembly in inner-city areas where space is limited

WIEHAG installing a 60-metre truss

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A 60 m truss and 44 m fish-bellied girder are being installed for the Freistadt community brewery.
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Safety first

Safety as the top priority on the building site

All activities are described in the risk analysis and the assembly concept and coordinated with our customers’ safety officers. The self-monitoring of our Health & Safety Policy is ensured by our H&S consultant by means of regular site inspections.

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Whether in the sweltering heat on the Red Sea or during snowfalls in the Alps – our experienced WIEHAG fitters look forward to your project.

You’ll find answers in our FAQs

We comply with your wishes: We assemble. We also deliver ready-bonded glulam components to carpenters and timber construction partners.

WIEHAG takes care of all equipment such as cranes, lifting platforms and forklifts. However, if a building construction crane with sufficient capacity can be provided on site, we are happy to use it.

Yes - Our employees and equipment meet all health & safety standards. The safety requirements of WIEHAG, the customer and the local authorities are compared prior to installation and agreed in the installation concept.

This depends largely on the size and complexity of the project. We inform with every offer about the planned assembly time. Just contact us for your project.

Our fitters adapt to the respective weather situation. For example, it is no longer possible to assemble during strong gusts of wind for safety reasons. The cranes would also switch off automatically by means of the built-in wind meter.

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