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From Altheim to the whole world

We supply the whole world from our company headquarters in Altheim, Upper Austria, Logistics therefore play a very important role. Transporting components, often over-long and over-sized, over long distances requires precise planning. Sometimes it is the last few metres to the building site that pose the greatest challenge.

We have a wealth of experience with all means of transport, whether by truck, rail, ship or even helicopter. Around 1,500 transports leave our company premises every year. We clarify which transport routes are feasible and economical from as early as the planning stage.

Within Europe, we usually deliver using the company's own special trucks. Especially when it comes to special transports. Special transport statics are often required for fastening the beams to the means of transport. These are organised by WIEHAG as well.

Shipping with containers lends itself to overseas transport. We develop our own loading concepts for this purpose.

We generally take care of negotiations with the authorities, any transport escorts and compliance with all safety regulations.

The goods should arrive on the building site in the best possible quality. Our transport packaging therefore takes into account all underlying circumstances, particularly climatic conditions.

National & international

Timber transport from WIEHAG

Approximately 1,500 transports leave the company premises in Altheim every year – including numerous special transports. WIEHAG takes care of all the logistics, including escort vehicles and special permits. Depending on the component length and distance involved, we have the following transport options.

For components < 13.5 m long and < 2.45 m wide
articulated trailer with tarpaulin
For components < 15 m long and < 3 m wide
articulated trailer without tarpaulin
For components between 15 m and 30 m in length
extendible articulated trailer
For very long components between 30 m and 50 m
trailing trailer
For all overseas projects, mostly "40-foot high cube", for components < 11.9 m; more rarely "45-foot" < 13.6 m
sea container
As a "bulk load" for projects outside Europe with component lengths over 15 m
For the last few metres in inaccessible Alpine regions
Flatracks & platform containers

Overseas with sea container

Flatracks or platform containers are generally used for load lengths between 13.6 and 15 m.

For this purpose WIEHAG prepares detailed 3D plans of the cargo in order to make best possible use of the precious container space. The components are lashed to a wooden sledge so that loading in the factory and, above all, unloading on the building site can be carried out quickly and without damage. Naturally, all our packaging materials have the international ISPM certificate.

[Translate to Englisch:] WIEHAG Transport Logistik
  • Special transports on their way to Emden, East Friesland
    "We were all very excited when the first 45-metre glulam beams came around the corner, but you could see that for the guys from WIEHAG it was just daily business."
    — James Moloney, John Sisk and Son Ltd.

WIEHAG transporting a 48-metre beam

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WIEHAG is building a logistics centre made of wood in northern Germany. In the video you can see the special transport of wooden beams with a length of 48 metres.
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