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Connector systems
in timber construction

Fasteners are an essential part of the support structure solution

With our expertise in timber engineering, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of connection systems for timber construction. To ensure cost-effective and secure connections for your project, our in-house engineering office develops project-specific connection systems, some of which have already been patented.

Available on request

Special steel parts from WIEHAG
Always the right connection

Our team of engineers customizes connection details individually for you – from simple slotted plates to complex column bases or nodes. We place great emphasis on a high degree of prefabrication. Connections planned on-site can also be revised by us.

Find out more in our product data sheet for special steel parts.

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node connection of the Crossrail Station Canary Wharf

The patented WIEHAG WHB connector
and the WIEHAG WHV connectors

Our standardized connection systems prioritize not only static load-bearing capacity but also fast and secure assembly. The patented WIEHAG WHB connector is suitable for main and secondary beam connections, while the WIEHAG WHV systems are designed for joint connections with steel or timber components. Another advantage for you: With inventory of these standardized connection components, delivery times can be significantly reduced.

The WIEHAG service advantage:

  • simple and flexible connection
  • verifiable structural analysis
  • high tensile load capacity
  • global, high safety factor
  • time saving due to low amount of joinery work on site
  • training for carpenters and timber engineering partners possible

Find out more about the WHB connector in our product data sheet and brochure:

Connections between main and secondary beams

Standard connectors

Naturally, we can supply you with all common standard connectors for timber construction:

  • Beam connectors and shoes
  • Angle connectors and perforated plates
  • Gerber connectors
  • All standard plug-in connectors
  • Cleats
  • Support feet

Also take a look at our product data sheet with all standard connectors:

Standard fasteners

The following standard fasteners are available from WIEHAG:

  • All countersunk and pan head screws
  • All fully and partially threaded screws
  • Rod anchors with and without thread
  • Threaded rods
  • Nails and staples
  • Ring wedge dowels
  • Chemical dowels (wood + concrete)
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Steel coatings

For optimal protection against external influences, we offer various surface treatments, including hot-dip galvanizing, opaque paint with and without fire protection up to R120, as well as coating systems for increased corrosion protection up to C4 or even C5. Common RAL coating colors can be chosen

  • hot-dip galvanising
  • covering coat without fire protection
  • fire protection + covering coating up to R60 possible
  • increased corrosion protection up to C4 for swimming pools and C5 for salt storage halls
  • our RAL colours for steel parts
    • RAL 7001 silver grey
    • RAL 7006 beige grey
    • RAL 7016 anthracite grey
    • RAL 7035 light grey
    • Other colours on request

Find out more in our product data sheet on steel coatings:

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