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GLT production

Modern & highly efficient with CNC machine joinery

Glued laminated timber components are indispensable in modern timber engineering. From wide-span halls to the supporting structure of a timber tower block – our production covers all the needs of modern timber construction.

The WIEHAG factory is geared to the requirements of modern timber construction and specialises in the production of project components and ready-to-use kits for assembly. Simple GLT beams in practically any beam shape and beam lengths of up to 50 metres can be manufactured on fully CNC-controlled machines. Even oversized block-bonded components in XXXL size where high structural loads have to be solved.

The fact that WIEHAG combines structural analysis, design and production under one roof provides considerable benefits for our partners: Engineering plans and data can be directly transferred from production and the powerful joinery machines, also for large components, can be directly controlled. In terms of cost effectiveness, we pursue the goal of achieving the highest possible degree of industrial prefabrication. In this way, we shorten assembly times and reduce the risks on the building site.

WIEHAG production meets all quality and safety standards and is continuously audited and certified both internally and externally.

We are boldly moving forward – as a green factory – with sustainable production.

Our company is self-sufficient in energy: We obtain the heat for drying wood and heating our halls and buildings from our biomass power plant fired with our waste wood. The electricity also comes from our own power plant and from a photovoltaic system on our hall roof with an output of 1 MWp.

Real engineering skills

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  • Wood as a building material
    Since time immemorial, humans have used wood as a material for their purposes. In the WIEHAG production, we use modern technologies, creativity and ancient knowledge to form the glued laminated timber structural components for our projects from the renewable raw material wood, which comply with modern architecture and attract attention at home and abroad!
    — Dipl. Ing. Andreas Hellinger, Head of Timber Engineering Production
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