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Timber Pioneer Frankfurt

The city's first office building in timber hybrid construction is being built in the centre of the financial district in Frankfurt. Sustainable materials, careful use of resources and energy, and sophisticated building services make the Timber Pioneer a smart and climate-friendly building.
The new building in the heart of Frankfurt's Europaviertel takes sustainability and well-being in the workplace to a new level. The total area of over 15,000 m² offers space for individual office rooms and a 1,000 m² retail area on the ground floor. The landscaped courtyard and roof terrace is not only a place of recreation, but also improves the urban microclimate.

Green Building meets Smart Office

The Timber Pioneer office building combines sustainable construction with a smart office concept. A flexible room layout allows the combination of open work landscapes, places of retreat and comfortable meeting zones.

As the building material of the future, the intensive use of timber not only ensures a comfortable working environment, but also makes a significant contribution to ecologically sustainable construction. Thanks to the modular timber-hybrid construction, around 80 % CO₂ could be saved. In combination with the smart building technology, the Timber Pioneer becomes a benchmark for climate-friendly buildings.

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Engineering for a
sustainable future

With the innovative Timber Pioneer, a multifunctional building made of timber is being constructed on eight floors. On this scale, it requires, above all, know-how in dealing with timber high-rise buildings and customised components.

The composite elements for the timber hybrid building are made of timber, concrete and steel and were industrially prefabricated - this allowed the construction time to be shortened considerably. In addition, this construction method made it possible to construct the shell of the office floors in a completely CO₂-neutral way. At 300 kg/m², the building is 57 % lighter than comparable solid structures. A total of 1,500 m³ of spruce timber ensures a healthy building climate and a forward-looking climate balance.

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    Climate-friendly construction
    "Building with timber is active climate protection. This is becoming increasingly important for investors. We provide the highest level of competence and experience for this. Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Director Emeritus of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research and founder of Bauhaus der Erde GmbH, sums it up when he says: 'We can build our way out of the climate crisis with timber.'"
    — Erich Wiesner, proprietor & CEO of WIEHAG
Project profile
UBM Develeopment and Paulus Immobilien
Timber construction and engineering
Eike Becker
Total area
15,000 m²
Volume BSH
1,600 m³
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