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[Translate to Englisch:] Mediavaert, DPG Media House Amsterdam
[Translate to Englisch:] Mediavaert, Amsterdam in Bau
[Translate to Englisch:] Außenaufnahme Mediavaert, Amsterdam

Mediavaert - DPG Media House

DPG Media moved into the new Dutch headquarters, Mediavaert, in March 2023. This iconic office building, with a floor area of nearly 45,000 m² spread over seven stories, is one of the largest hybrid timber office buildings in the world and excels in innovation and sustainability.
In addition to modern workspaces, Mediavaert offers a variety of facilities, including recording studios, meeting rooms, restaurants, an espresso bar, and a welcoming reception area. The open design of the building encourages interaction between the atriums and common areas. Green spaces within, on, and around the building create an inspiring working environment that supports the well-being and health of the employees.
Architectural concept

Hybrid structural system for
more sustainability

The design concept of "Mediavaert" incorporates numerous sustainable aspects. Approximately 6,500 m³ of wood were used for the hybrid timber structure. Since the wood used in the building stores CO2, its use contrasts with conventional building materials like concrete and has a positive climate impact.

"Mediavaert" is also highly energy-efficient and features an underground heat/cold storage system combined with a heat pump and solar panels on the roof. The hybrid timber design of the new DPG Headquarters and its numerous sustainability features represent a significant step towards environmentally friendly construction and have earned the project the coveted BREEAM Excellent certification.

[Translate to Englisch:] Tragstruktur DPG Media House, Amsterdam

Precise planning
and construction

The construction of this impressive office building, designed by Team V Architectuur, began in December 2021. The structural framework was planned and erected by WIEHAG Timber Construction. A total of 1,050 columns and beams were assembled, treated, equipped with connectors, and transported to the construction site by truck from the WIEHAG factory. All columns and beams are large, double, and triple block-glued components.

Additionally, the total of 25,500 m² of CLT panels were collected from Stora Enso in Ybbs, treated at the WIEHAG factory, and delivered to the construction site. In some areas, the CLT panels were block-glued with the BSH beams in the factory to withstand the high facade loads.

  • Reliable partnership
    "General contractors and construction companies need experienced and reliable partners for timber construction. For DPG, we have taken on the design, production, and assembly of the entire timber package – glulam and CLT."
    — Johannes Rebhahn, Head of International Timber Projects WIEHAG
DPG Media Group
Team V
Structural Framework
WIEHAG Timber Construction
Total area
45.000 m²
Beginning of 2023
Other references

Discover WIEHAG’s engineering skills

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