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Headquarters Soccer Bundesliga Club Leipzig
Headquarters Soccer Bundesliga Club Leipzig Timber Construction
WIEHAG Timber Construction in Leipzig

Soccer Bundesliga club

In Leipzig, the new headquarters of a renowned German soccer Bundesliga club is being built on an area of ​​14,500 m². Upon completion by the end of 2025, the building will offer workspaces for 250 employees across four floors.
The architectural concept is characterized by open spaces and multifunctional units that promote interaction, exchange, and communication. Particularly notable is the central feature of the building: an open atrium at its core, topped with a glass roof and connected by a staircase landscape leading upwards.
Green Headquarters

in Focus

In the design and execution of the new office building, significant emphasis was placed on environmentally friendly, sustainable construction methods. The structure and interior of the building were largely constructed using wood. Solar panels are installed on the facade and roof to generate energy, contributing to significant reductions in CO2 emissions by saving weight and materials. Additionally, rooftop greenery and a public climate forest improve the local microclimate and serve as water reservoirs for the city.

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The engineering for the timber construction of the innovative new building was carried out by WIEHAG Timber Construction. The structure, consisting of columns, beams, and prefabricated timber ribbed ceilings made of cross-laminated timber and glulam beams, remains largely visible in the final use. Free-standing staircase constructions in the atrium and a timber frame structure for supporting the generous open spaces were manufactured, like all structural components, at the WIEHAG facility in Altheim. Overall, WIEHAG produced 2,250 m³ of timber components for the new headquarters.

Due to the high degree of prefabrication and smooth assembly, the timber construction was completed within 10 weeks.

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    Design Concept
    The design is based on the concept of a campus that encompasses both open office spaces and communal areas where employees can gather. Spaces that enhance employee well-being and foster the exchange of knowledge, innovation, and creativity.
    — Christoph Wunderlich, Deputy Managing Director & Head of Berlin Office SHA

Timber Construction & Engineering
by WIEHAG Timber Construction

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Headquarters Leipzig exterior view
Exterior View: Headquarters Leipzig
 Interior Execution in Timber
Interior Fitting in Timber Construction
[Translate to Englisch:] Geschäftsstelle Leipzig Atrium
Timber Frame Construction
Headquarters Timber Ribbed Ceiling
Timber Ribbed Ceiling
 Interior Building Execution in Timber
Timber Ceiling
Wooden Ribbed Ceiling with glass roof
Wooden Ribbed Ceiling with Glass Roof
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Project Profile
Soccer Bundesliga Club, Leipzig
Leipzig, Germany
Timber Construction and Engineering
WIEHAG Timber Construction GmbH
SHA Scheffler Helbich Architekten GmbH
Structural Engineering
Total area
14.500 m²
Volume BSH + BSP
2.250 m³
Ende 2025


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