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Fast Charging Park at

At the IN-Campus in Ingolstadt, the municipal utilities Ingolstadt (SWI) have launched a groundbreaking initiative to promote electric mobility, creating twelve charging stations for electric vehicles.
The entire charging park is covered and equipped with a powerful photovoltaic system with up to 30 kilowatt peak capacity. The integrated 'Function Box' includes a lounge, restroom facilities, and technical rooms. The SWI (Stadtwerke Ingolstadt) has invested a total of 3.5 million euros in the forward-thinking project at the Ingolstadt Innovation Campus.

Sustainability and Quality
in Focus

The Ingolstadt municipal utilities placed significant emphasis on sustainability and high-quality materials and construction when implementing the entire project. A key focus was directed towards structural wood preservation to ensure the longevity of the construction. This included covering the exposed lateral glued laminated timber frames and end grain wood with protective cladding, as well as elevating the glued laminated timber structure on a plinth to shield it from splashing water.

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Strong Partnerships,
First-Class Results

In collaboration with a local partner, we have successfully executed the planning and development of the fast-charging park, taking architectural requirements into account. The WIEHAG service package encompassed not only wood and steel construction, windows, doors, and post-and-rail facades but also the implementation of glasswork with integrated photovoltaics.

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The construction details

  • Roof Dimensions: 16 m x 46 m
  • 9 alternately arranged Glued Laminated Timber (GLT) frames with an intermediate CLT roof, including a green roof
  • 10.2 m long T-shaped steel beams between the GLT roof beams, serving as a substructure for the PV-elements
Project profile
Stadtwerke Ingolstadt
Construction period
2022 - 2023
Roof area
736 m²
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