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Ice and Sports Hall

Sometimes, restrictive building regulations can lead to exceptional solutions with creative architecture. This is exemplified by the new ice rink and sports hall in Kviberg, Gothenburg. The project faced a maximum building height of 12 meters, a footprint limited to 8,000 square meters, and a requirement to use wood in line with Gothenburg's climate vision. These constraints were set by the city's sports department when commissioning the new sports hall.
The goal of building with wood has given the structure its architectural form and materiality. Under the expansive glulam arches, a sustainable wooden building merges with a functional construction solution to achieve the desired room heights and column-free spaces.

Creative Architecture

The architects Wahlström & Steijner were commissioned to execute the project. Due to the external height restrictions, there wasn’t much space left inside. After exploring various options, it became clear that double-glued glulam arches were the only way to overcome the construction challenges. This allowed the required ceiling height to be achieved without exceeding the maximum external height.

Seven rows of two double-glued glulam arches, each 80 meters long, span the hall. To absorb the forces from the arches, there are triangular concrete foundations at each end and in the middle.

"By inverting an arch between the other arches, the building acquires a beautiful wave-like shape. This is clearly visible on the roof, which follows the form of the double-glued glulam arches," says Jürgen Wahlström, Chief Architect at Wahlström & Steijner.

[Translate to Englisch:] BSH-Doppelträger, Eis- und Sporthalle Kviberg

Timber Construction

WIEHAG was awarded the contract for manufacturing the double-glued glulam arches. These arches are made of pine, with a height of 1.60 meters and a width of 50 centimeters. The glulam arches were delivered in three parts from Altheim to Gothenburg by truck. Thanks to the high degree of prefabrication, it took only a few days to assemble the arches on site.

[Translate to Englisch:] BSH-Doppelbögen, Eis- und Sporthalle Kviberg
  • [Translate to Englisch:] Jürgen Walström, Walström & Steijner Chefarchitekt
    The Appeal of Timber
    "This building engages all the visitor’s senses. It’s bright and carries the scent of timber, which feels warm and pleasant to the touch. And, of course, the timber is visually stunning."
    — Jürgen Wahlström, Chief Architect Walström & Steijner
City of Goethenburg Sports & Associates
Wahlström & Steijner Arkitekter
Wooden Roof Structure
WIEHAG Timber Construction GmbH
Total Surface
8.000 m²
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