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Abu Dhabi, UAE

Souq Abu Dhabi

Spice stalls and traditional traders on one side and the business district on the other: A souq is an Arab market district and often the economic centre of the city. Here it is important to combine tradition with contemporary design - also with regard to the architecture and style of the marketplace.
The aim of the newly designed souk in Abu Dhabi was to combine the historical, regional style of the United Arab Emirates with modern elements. WIEHAG supplied the glulam beams for the project's huge skylights.

A modern market district

In the redevelopment of Abu Dhabi's W64 neighbourhood, great care was taken not to lose the traditional style of the area. Green courtyards, a new waterfront hotel and a lively restaurant district: tradition and contemporary style were carefully combined in this ambitious project.

The centrepiece of the project was the modernisation of the market square. Thanks to large window areas in the roof, the market always appears bright and illuminated. However, the natural light blends in perfectly with traditional building styles.

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Traditional design with state-of-the-art technology

Our customer Onddi took over the design and installation of the glulam construction including the windows. The glulam beams are from WIEHAG and were designed and treated according to the local conditions.

Despite the extreme climate in the United Arab Emirates, building with timber is not a problem - as long as it is used indoors. This is because basically the same temperature prevails in shopping centres and offices all over the world. The most important thing is to keep the timber dry.

WIEHAG anticipates concerns about termite infestation with a special anti-termite coating - in the unlikely event that flying termites reach the roof.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Eine fläche von 18.000 m2 würde von WIEHAG mit modernsern Skylights versehen.
Maximum brightness inside the building: The roof was provided with 18,000 m2 of window area.
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Project profile
Al Qudra
Design & installation
Timber roof construction and engineering
Total construction area
245,000 m2
Skylights area
18,000 m2
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